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The author is an entrepreneur who returned to India after many years in the U.S. and became a champion of helping people afflicted with different kinds of addiction. From a Senior Management Consultant to the MD of a major solar company; from designing state of the art electric vehicles to the creating the largest gift accessories company in California; from a innovator in solar solutions for rural India to a successful author, speaker and counsellor on harm reduction.

The USP of the book "The Accidental Addict and the Power of Positive Thinking" is it's inspirational and motivational approach to de- addiction as opposed to the clinical, top down approach taken by most authors on the subject. A step by step self help guide for problem resolution as a caregiver for loved ones or oneself. Prior to returning to India, he resided in the U.S. for over forty years. He is a graduate of U.C.L.A. with a Master’s Degree in Systems Engineering, and a International ISC Diploma from Cambridge University, England. He was a Senior Consultant with E&Y in Los Angeles for many years, and has lately changed his interests to writing and speaking on the subject of de-addiction. He is presently a consultant with Life skills, a rehab and counselling centre near New Delhi.

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