The Seminar

Prevention, Education and Awareness of Addiction.
Child Development and Behaviour Management.

Segment 1 (Duration 2 hours) :

  • The Disease of Addiction - who is or can become an addict/alcoholic? How and why.
  • The prevalence of the problem in schools and colleges and it's gravity
  • What are the physical and mental symptoms for the parent/teacher to observe.
  • What is the impact on family, studies, health, relationships and future careers.
  • What are the solutions - counselling, detoxification, and rehabilitation.
  • Some examples via life stories of student addicts / alcoholics in recovery

Segment 2 (Duration 2 hours) :

  • Someone you love is an addict, What you can do about it.
  • Eliminating denial of the problem and a discussion of the consequences for all concerned.
  • Ways of empowering the student/parent/counsellor to discretely but firmly address the problem with the book as a guidepost.
  • Seeking counselling before it's too late.
  • What are the benefits for the school/college in adopting this initiative.
  • There will be compelling audio visuals to support the detailed content, with Q and A for both segments, taking the total time to 6 hours with a one hour lunch break.
  • The seminar is for parents, teachers, principals, school counselors and administrators.